I had a very fun night last night but boy do I feel like a truck hit me today… 

To start off the evening, there was a live webcast from our New York office of an event with Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon (surprisingly they have a really good chemistry and are really funny together) talking about how Justin got his start via YouTube. In true Google fashion there were buckets of beer, chips, salsa and guacamole. 

From there I went to a party at Ogilvy for two artists, Christine Aria Hostetler and Joe Daniel Phillips, that collaborate on a series of drawings, mostly of homeless people that they meet. She fills hers in with watercolors while his are more detailed pen & ink. 

They were the coolest couple I have meet in a long time and one of their close friends, and a writer they collaborate with on a site called 6x6, Pierce Elliott Brown was there as well (not sure why they are all 3-name people but I digress…)

From there I met up with Jen, Carlos, Jen’s mom, Ian and Keith & Jordan for dinner at Beretta for Jen’s mom’s birthday.  

So exhausted but I need to rally… it’s Pride weekend and there is fun to be had and trouble to be found! 

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