Amazing footage of San Francisco in an otherwise idiotic video.

Some thoughts questions that came to mind while watching: 

  1. I can imagine all of the young punks of Daly City being inspired to drive their crappy cars even more like complete jackasses now
  2. How is it they could afford to pay to shut down the Bay Bridge and City streets but had to use fake cable car buses on California Street? 
  3. How does the driver not throw up when doing the endless donuts on the pier?
  4. I think I have been in a cab with that driver a few times in the Russian Hill shots.
  5. I am reminded by an ad campaign that ran in SF when I first moved here because drivers were so bad and kept hitting pedestrians. The one that stuck out to me the most was a woman in a SUV with a coffee and the tagline said, “Sorry I ran over your grandma. I didn’t want to spill my latte.”
  6. I want to kill them for getting Styxx’s ‘Come Sail Away’ stuck in my head… don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

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