7x7 Magazine’s 2012 “Hot 20” Award Nominees

Eman worked for me as a web designer when I first moved to San Francisco . 

He was (and is) one of the most talented (and quirky) people I’ve ever met but didn’t have the patience for clients (he hid a porn link in one customer’s site and of course they found it…).

He can, and will, kick your ass in Words With Friends.

Clearly cooking is a more interesting & fulfilling career.

Please vote for him!  

Emmanuel Eng - Working at some of the most influential restaurants in the country, including Aqua, Quince, Boulevard, and Sons & Daughters, Emmanuel credits many of his mentors at these restaurants as helping him to mature as a chef. In late 2011, Emmanuel was brought in by owners Scott Youkilis and Michael Pierce as the new Chef de Cuisine at Maverick, and after only four months in the position was quickly promoted to Executive Chef.

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